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Hello Everyone

We are the getanft team. Our main creator is actually 11 years old. He is a dyslexic individual. He improved himself a lot in drawing. He received offers from many companies. but he has his own plan. He converted the pictures he made two years ago to nft. The #MonsterFamily collection has become famous on Crypto.com/nft. It reached a volume of more than 200,000 USD. Its historical charts are very famous. Now we have opened a studio to become a professional and we have started new collections with our professional team. Developer, designer, web designer and smart contract etc. With our loves…

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Cute ghost characters we have prepared for you. They can't wait to be yours :) MonsterFamily is a collection of dozens of monsters that live on the crypto.com NFT. These monsters are adorable but not so proud, athletic, self-cloning or historical. Everyone was very afraid of them. No one will be afraid of them any longer, and they will be able to walk freely among us.

Total NFT : 303pcs
Listed : %51 ( on crypto.com )
%35 ( others )
Volume Traded : 210K $ ( on crypto.com )
Views Total : 75K
Owners Total : 800


He completed the most secret missions perfectly. Dressed in thousands of disguises, possessed top-secret information. He's in love with his job. That's why he's perfect. You never know when or where it will appear. He was caught many times and went to jail. Governments, arms dealers, barons and the mafia are constantly looking for him. But his own identity has been revealed. Meet Mr. Monkesh.

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